Participating Artists

Ayako Mogi

1969 Born in Hokkaido

Retired Design Course of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

1992 CANON Photography New Century Araki prize

1997 Begins to live in Munich, Germany

2006 Creates Jour Par Jour company in Switzerland, living in La Corbiére.

         Promoting, planning and managing Art Project “ Laboratoire Village Nomade

2006 Presentation of the film“Ask the Wind” at Eurospace Theater, Shibuya

2006 Begins publication of serial “Caravan lost” in the magazine “Coyote”

2007 Published a photograph book for nursery tale

         “Wo ist Schnüffel ? (Where are you, Schnüffel?)

         with the Shigatu publishing company.

2009 The movie“Color of land & Calm voice” tours the following venues throughout Japan. Cinema Angelica Shibuya, Naha Sakurazuka Theater, Kyoto Cinema, Osaka Seventh Theater (the DVD and Catalogue by Silent voice LLP go on sale)

2009 Represented by the Gallery of “MISAKO & ROSEN” in Tokyo.

2009 Moved to Awaji island and lives in the former primary school at Nagasawa.

Creates an artist community “Nomadomura” with Werner Penzel

and Misa Shimomura.

2010 Re-publication of article “ Caravan lost ” in the Coyote magazine.

2010 Solo exhibition of photographs “ BeyondBeyond ” in the Gallery

         of “MISAKO & ROSEN”, Tokyo.

Werner Penzel

Werner Penzel was born 1950 and grew up on the country-side in southern Germany. In the late 60s he played music and wrote poetry before turning to moviemaking in the early 70s.

He worked with the Brazilian theatre company Oficina, studied at Munich Film School and traveled through South America, North America, India and Japan. After Vagabunden Karawane (198O), Adios Al Odio (1986) and other movies he founded Cine Nomad together with Nicolas Humbert in 1987 which resulted among other movies in two works for cinema Step Across The Border (1990) and Middle Of The Moment (1995), as well as the film triptych Three Windows (1999).

In 2006, he establishes “Jour par jour“ with the photographer and film maker Ayako Mogi in Le Corbiere, Switzerland. In 2009, they move their activities to the Island of Awaji in Japan and establish Nomadomura together with the Japanese musician Misa Shimomura.

In addition, he has directed, scripted, photographed and produced many other works. Werner has received many European film awards and his videos of these films form the collection of many European Art Galleries.


All people are nomads.

“Nomads” originally means a nomadic tribe or migratory people.

When retracing ones ancestors, as hunters and gatherers everyone was a nomadic being.

As a result, our nomadic hearts shall be found deep within our memories. In that place there is a village of nomads, and that is the Nomadomura for all of us.

Policy of Activity:

The Jour Par Jour company that managed the art project “Laboratoire Village Nomade ”, active in Switzerland for 4 years, has transferred its base to Awaji Island in Japan. There, at this new location, new activities have started under the new name of Nomadomura.

A village of nomads may apparently contain an opposing concept of migratory people and a fixed place of living. In order to make this place, we operate Nomadomura as an open access non-profit organization, open to the public, employing flexible opening times and used by artists, musicians and the community. 


Our activities contribute to, and increase the local area’s vitality and establish a new visitor attraction. We also explore and propose new lifestyles for the future, attracting public attention in Japan and other countries.  

The principal participants of Nomadomura activities are,

Ayako Mogi, a Japanese photographer and film writer, who has spent an active life in both Germany and Switzerland.

Werner Penzel, a German film maker.

Together with the Nagasawa community, visitors from Japan and other countries, they participate as social sculptures, working on and in a new piece called “Nomadomura”

yoshie nanno

1969 born in Kobe.

graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Fine Arts, sculpture department.

completed from The Visva-Bharati University, India, sculpture course.

wanderring .., after meditational indian trip,

since 2011, join to activities of  nomadomura.

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